Monday, June 12, 2006

Strange behaviour of VS2005 when adding file to Smart Device Cab Project

I am not sure whether I am missing anything in my procedure, but I noticed a pretty bazzare behaviour in VS2005.
I have a Smart Device Cab Project in my solution.
The NOT working process:
I double click my solution to open Visual Studio 2005, when I right click my Smart Device Cab Project select add file, it will end up without adding the file to the project, but there is no error either.

The workaround process:
If I first open Visual Studio from start menu, then open my solution in VS2005, the adding file will work like a charm.

Similar thing will happen to Setup Project.

I am not sure whether I am missing anything.
BTW: I have ReSharper 2.0 installed on top of VS2005 Team suite.

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