Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oracle Lite access control db (conscli.odb)

From the first day I started using Oracle Lite, I was always wondering how can I view the content in the conscli.odb. Today after some reading and trying, I found out a way to access it via mSQL.
First go to your WINDOWS\ODBC.INI find out the name of the conscli DB name for example: DLIU_conscli.
Then use the following command to access it, the default username/password is: SYSTEM/MANAGER:
msql SYSTEM/MANAGER@jdbc:polite:DLIU_conscli

UPDATE (Jan. 25th, 2007): when using msql to connect your own odb, remember always use SYSTEM as the username, otherwise you may get the following error:
[POL-5246] user DLIU does not exist

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