Thursday, June 22, 2006

OAS HostName?!

We installed Oracle Lite 10g R2 on top of OAS 10g R2, everything seems going well, but when we shipped the same installation to our client, we noticed a hostname problem in their environment:
When you access, you will get a 301 with hostname changed, http://sun1:8080/webtogo. This is NOT a problem if both fully qualified hostname and non fully qualified hostname are accessible to you. But it will be a problem, if you can only access the fully qualified hostname.
After spending some time to research on this hostname problem, finally we found the solution:
If you already installed OLite on top of OAS, then edit the httpd.conf file for OHS, which is an Apache server, change the ServerName to fully qualified hostname.
If you are trying a fresh installation, remember to put OUI_HOSTNAME=fully-qualified-hostname parameter in the command line you start the OAS installation, for example:

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