Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Setup your own Git server on windows running on NodeJS

As technology moving ahead, now days Git is the de facto version control system to used, if you would like to have a local private git server running on windows, here is an option running on NodeJS - git-server-windows, to setup up it is pretty easy:

  • Create a directory where you want to install the git-server-windows, cd to that directory, run 'npm install git-server-windows'
  • copy node_moduels/git-server-windows/*.cmd .
  • Create a directory: repos
  • cd to repos and create your repository, for example, myRepository; then cd to myRepository, run ' git init --bare'
  • In the top folder, create index.js and paste the following content:

    • var Git = require('git-server-windows');
  • Run 'node index.js' to start the server
  •  Setup as windows services by using node-windows

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