Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Unable to access jarfile on Cygwin

Today I ran into a strange problem on Cygwin: I give the full path to the jar file for the java command, but strangely, the java runtime shows me the error message: Unable to access jarfile /cygdrive/c/pathtojar/.yuicompressor.jar. What is going on? did I have a typo? No. Then Why? After scratch my head enough, I figure out that the java in Cygwin does not like Unix format path to specify the jar file. You can use cygpath to do the trick to convert the Unix format path to mixed(-m) or windows format(-w) path, the java command will happily take it and use the jar file. Here are the two commands that works for me:
  • java -jar `cygpath -m /cygdrive/c/pathtojar/.yuicompressor.jar`
  • java -jar `cygpath -w /cygdrive/c/pathtojar/.yuicompressor.jar`

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