Thursday, August 16, 2007

bash shortcuts

Here is a list of bash shortcuts, credit to this blog.
alt-f -- move forward one word
alt-b -- move backwards one word
ctrl-a -- takes you to the begining of the command you are currently typing.
ctrl-b -- move backwards one character
ctrl-c -- kills the current command or process.
ctrl-d -- kills the shell.
ctrl-e -- takes you to the end of the command you are currently typing in.
ctrl-f -- move forward one character
ctrl-h -- deletes one letter at a time from the command you are typing in.
ctrl-l -- clear screen
ctrl-r -- does a search in the previously given commands so that you don't have to repeat long command.
ctrl-u -- clears the typing before the hotkey.
ctrl-z -- puts the currently running process in background
esc-b -- takes you back by one word while typing a command.
esc-p -- like ctrl-r lets you search through the previously given commands.
esc-. -- gives the last command you typed.

Another good reference.
Here "2T" means Press TAB twice

$ 2T - All available commands(common)
$ (string)2T - All available commands starting with (string)
$ /2T - Entire directory structure including Hidden one
$ 2T - Only Sub Dirs inside including Hidden one
$ *2T - Only Sub Dirs inside without Hidden one
$ ~2T - All Present Users on system from "/etc/passwd"
$ $2T - All Sys variables
$ @2T - Entries from "/etc/hosts"
$ =2T - Output like ls or dir

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