Friday, May 04, 2007

Error queue - records with "Client was out of sync" message

We are seeing Client was out of sync in our Oracle Lite Server Error Queue, my colleague found this post, which helps us understand how to fix this kind of problem. Here are my notes regarding to it:
  1. Login to Mobile Manager; goto Error Queue; select the Transaction ID you are interested in; Publication Items.
  2. Select the Publication Item you are interested in; View records; The DML Operation most likely will show 'Error'; Check th rows you would like to change the Update DML ; Select the desired 'Update DML' from the top left drop down(to choose between insert and update, depends whether that row exists in your application database), then Click Go; You should see the DML Operation changed to the desired one, rather than Error.
  3. Click 'Apply'; You should see Confirmation: Changes were applied successfully.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for all the publication items in that transaction.
  5. Back to Error Queue, select the Transaction you worked on, click Execute.
  6. Go back to Mobile Manager home page you should see your transaction in the In Queue(1).
  7. Refresh the page to see the MGP active, then return to Idle, make sure your Transaction does not reenter to the Error Queue.

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