Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Setup svnserve for personal usage

It is handy to have your own SVN server for you own small projects.
Here are the steps I used to setup a SVN server on Windows XP:
1. Download the Subversion binary for Windows from here, and unzip it to your local drive. Note: I was using 1.4.3
2. Create your own repository like: svnadmin create /svn-win32-1.4.3/repos/dliurepo
3. Setup the svnserve as Windows service: X:\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin>sc create svnserve binpath= "c:\dev\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svnserve.exe --service -r X:\svn-win32-1.
4.3\repos\dliurepo" displayname= "svn server"
4. Edit the svnserve.conf in your repository conf directory add the following texts:
password-db = userfile
anon-access = read
auth-access = write
realm = test svn realm
5. Create a new file named userfile in the same directory where svnserve.conf locates with the following content:

Further references:
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Notes: sc command's option name includes the equal sign. Do NOT forget to put space after the option name '='.

Dump the SVN repository:
svnadmin dump <repository> > dumpfilename

Load dump into SVN repository:
svnadmin load <repository> < dumpfilename

Setup home Subversion Server with Apache.
Subversion and Apache
Having any Subversion Problem or Question? Search SVNForum

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